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 "A validation rule that applies to encoded message strings.  " 
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 package ca.uhn.hl7v2.validation;
  * A validation rule that applies to encoded message strings.  Rules that 
  * apply to message content are not included in this category (they are MessageRules
  * and are evaluated against parsed Message object).  EncodingRules are intended 
  * for criteria that are specific to the encoded form of a message, e.g. "no empty 
  * tags in an XML message".  
  * @author Bryan Tripp
 public interface EncodingRule extends Rule<String> {
      * Tests the given encoded message text against the criteria 
      * defined by this rule class.  
      * @return a list of exceptions indicating points at which the given 
      *      message failed to validate (empty if validation succeeds; may 
      *      not be a complete list as testing may be aborted after failure).  
     public ValidationException[] test(String msg);